Mystic Marvels LLC is a family owned business that was established in 2004. Since then, our business has grown and continues to grow to meet the demands of the customers. Established on the premise of integrity, we strive to manufacture products that yield the longest life-span as possible. We will also repair items that have failed even after the warranty has expired. If every manufacturer held the same convictions as we do, then our land-fills would be smaller and the customers would be happier.

The creator of the products sold on this website is an electronics hobbyist with over twenty years of electronics experience. He has an associates degree in electro-mechanical drafting and design. Although he did not learn electronics from any academic institution, he feels confident that what he has learned from his own studies and from extensive hands-on experience - simply cannot be taught at colleges or universities. By the way, he has posted an electronics tutorial on amplifier circuits on this website (please
click here for his online tutorial) for intermediate beginners of basic electronics. When asked why he created this small business, he had this to say:

"I got tired of buying ionizers that didn't last for more than a year, so I decided to build my own. So, now I have a long-lasting product that helps me sleep better. However, I also needed something that will get rid of the numerous noises invading my room at night. Out here in the country I've got squirrels scurrying around on the roof-top making the most abnoxious noises you couldn't think possible from such small creatures. We also have a lot of noisy skunks and raccoons that think they own the front yard. Between the wildlife and the neighbor's barking dogs, it is sometimes difficult to get a restful sleep. So, using my electronics expertise, I created a
device that produces pink noise (with the aid of a sound system), which serves as a sound blanket that will either cover up these noises completely or make them less abrupt & distracting. It's fighting noise with noise. Even if there weren't any noise pollution, I would still sleep with a pink noise generator hooked up to my stereo system. I find it soothing to listen to.

I was so pleased with the products that I have created that I decided to offer them to the general public. All products that I offer through this website are exactly the same products - contain exactly the same components as the prototypes that I had built for my self.
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