There is one major problem with other white noise machines, sound conditioners, and white noise CD's - they all repeat the same sound over and over again. If you think that is not a big deal, please read below.

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white noise is supposed to consist of rapid "true-random" impulses. It is the very nature of this "randomness" that produces that distinct white noise sound - just like the random spattering of rain drops. If rain droplets fell in an orderly fashion, it would sound more like clapping than rainfall.

White noise that does NOT consist of true-random impulses is called pseudo-random noise.  It sounds "white" because the individual impulses only seem to pop forth randomly. What is really going on is that this seemingly random train of impulses is just a predetermined sequence of bits that eventually repeats. It is just a simulation of true-random noise created by mathematical algorithms - a product of digital technology. It is not possible to generate true-random white noise by digital means, e.g., computer software or digital electronic circuitry.

Pseudo-random noise might sound O.K. at first, but most people listening to pseudo-random white noise would be able to detect the subtle variations & characteristics that repeat after a certain period of time. Listening to pseudo-random noise would be like listening to a recording of a river or waterfall on loop mode (not such a pleasant thing). Even if you could not consciously detect the noise looping back to the beginning, you can be sure that your subconscious mind will. I've had one customer tell me that every time her sound conditioner looped back, it woke her from her sleep. Sounds that repeat themselves can be annoying.

Only analog technology can provide true-random white noise. The problem is that almost all other white noise generators or electronic sound conditioners found on the market are pseudo-random digital devices. Why? Because digital noise generators are much easier to manufacture. We are one of the few manufacturers of analog noise generators. The noise produced by our noise generators consist of true random impulses based on the chaotic motion of electrons and "holes" at the quantum level.

What about those white noise CD's? Whether it was recorded from analog, digital, or natural sources (rain shower or waterfall), you would hear the same sound every time you play a white noise CD. Playing a CD on loop mode is no different than listening to pseudo-random noise.

Sound conditioners and CD's have other problems as well. Most sound conditioners have only a tiny speaker to produce a sound blanket, limiting both the sound quality and the volume (we all know what a small transistor radio sounds like). Most do not even have tone controls to let you adjust the bass or treble to suite your needs.

Since most people already have a great sound system that has a set of tone controls and large speakers, our noise generators were designed to be connected to those very sound systems. That way, you can have full encompassing sound piped through dual speakers, and you can easily adjust the tone and volume as needed.

Our noise generators can save wear and tear on your CD player. Besides, CD's are fragile and can easily get scratched or ruined.

We build our noise generators to last for many years. We spend a little extra for top quality components even though this raises manufacturing costs. Similar products are big and bulky and sell for several hundred dollars!

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