Fortunately you do not have to be in a thunderstorm or be near a waterfall to experience the benefits of negative ionization. A device called a negative ion generator can help balance the negative to positive ion ratio. These devices have been available to the public for nearly fifty years. Unfortunately, they were first sold through flashy advertising campaigns that hastily boasted them as a cure-all against a whole plethora of different diseases. Since then, the FDA has prohibited the sale of ion generators for any medical applications. However, there are many agencies that seem to think that there ARE important applications to negative ionization.
The military uses ionizers in the cock-pit of fighter jets, naval  submarines, and surface ships to increase alertness and concentration while decreasing irritibility and fatigue.

NASA uses negative ionization in their space shuttles to meet the environmental needs of the crew.

A police officer noticed that a negative ion generator installed in his vehicle had a calming effect on his overly dominant alpha canine. Some police departments are now actually testing the effects of negative ionizers placed on police dogs.

Some dentists are now using negative ion generators to help maintain a sterile environment, neutralize toxic mercury vapour when removing old fillings, and to calm patients.

Some Las Vegas casinos get rid of tobacco odors and keep their players feeling happy and alert by pumping negative ions into the air.
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