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Unlike most other ionizers, our negative ion generators produce negative ions externally. Not only does this ensure maximum ion production, it eliminates the need for fans or any moving parts. Because air does not flow through our ionizers, there are no ugly vents or screens that get dirty and you never have to clean the inside.

Some ionizers that combine an air filtration system with a negative ion generator usually have their emitter needles placed inside. Not only does this significantly reduce negative ion output, it also makes them more difficult to clean.

My young nephew, who took a mischievous delight in zapping others, would charge himself up with static electricity simply by placing his hand in front of the ion emitter! There is nothing else quite like it. We even throw in a free ion detector so you can be sure that the unit is generating lots of negative ions.

                                           ION DENSITY PER DISTANCE FROM UNIT

Ions are projected out in a wide angle beam and can significantly increase the negative ion concentration in a room about 200 square feet (15' X 15'). It would make a great addition to any living room or bedroom. ______________________________________________________________________________________

             Distance away                              Ion density per cubic centimeter*

             from ionizer                                             K=THOUSAND    M=MILLION
             in feet 
If you were standing
                  1                                                                   5.7M                            
near Niagara Falls, you
                  2                                                                  2.25M                           
would be breathing
                  3                                                                   1.1M                          
    about 100,000 negative
                  4                                                                   450K                            
ions per cubic centimeter.
                  5                                                                   270K                                 
                  6                                                                   180K                                               
                  7                                                                   130K                                   
                  8                                                                     70K                                   
                  9                                                                     35K                                   
                10                                                                     15K                                   

*Numbers should be read as approximate values only. Air current, temperature, and other factors may affect negative ion concentrations. Measurements were taken with AIR ION COUNTER from AlphaLab, Inc. which has a tolerance of +/- 25%

               How does it work?
The internal solid state circuitry generates a harmless electrostatic charge which is applied at the ion emitter. This intense electrostatic energy causes electrons to be repelled out from the emitter into the surrounding air molecules, producing a tremendous amount of negative ions.


Unit is constructed with flame retardant ABS plastic and lead-free solder.

Internal circuitry is protected from power surges.

It runs very quietly (only a faint "hiss" from the ion emitter).

Produces virtually no ozone (actually, any commercially available negative ion generator that uses needlepoint ion technology, including this product, will not produce any significant amount of ozone.)

Power consumption is EXTREMELY low (it would take 75 of these units to equal the power consumption of one standard 75 watt light bulb).


Unit requires 120V (provided by your wall outlet). Power cord length is 8 feet or greater. Power consumption is only 1 watt. Please note: This unit is made to be operated 24/7. It does not contain an ON/OFF switch. To power the unit, just plug it in.

The electrostatic output voltage is approximately 8 to 10 kilo-volts, which produces an ion density of over 1,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter at 3 feet away (the negative ion concentration near Niagara Falls is about 100,000 ions per cc).

Unit requires 120V (provided by your wall outlet). Power cord length is 8 feet or greater. Power consumption is only 1 watt. Please note: This unit is made to be operated 24/7. It does not have an ON/OFF switch. You just plug it in to power up the unit.

L 5.0" W 3.8" H 1.5"

Unit comes with a free ion detector and owner's manual.
Don't know what negative ions are? Information on the benefits of negative ionization can be found here.
The NIP-6E Ion Projector™ is one of the most affordable, yet one of the most reliable negative ion generators available. It is built to last for many years. How? Let me explain. The ionization process produces a small bead of plasma that causes the ion emitter in most other ionizers to wear out (it becomes blunt over time). Ion output is directly related to the sharpness of the ion emitter. Since our product contains an extremely durable stainless steel ion emitter that is very thin (yet flexible and unbreakable), it will always remain sharp at the end-point. The ion emitter will never wear out.

I would also like to point out that these units are not made in China. The internal circuitry was specifically designed for longevity. We use components that are so robust, the product can withstand a sustained voltage of 240 V without damage even though the units were designed for 120 V. Don't let the small size of the product lead you to underestimate its performance. The unit is tiny but mighty...and it was made to last.
Negative Ion Projector™  Model NIP-6E   $69.00
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WARNING!!! This product is a type of electrostatic generator and may cause electrostatic discharges to occur at a distance. To prevent damage to sensitive electronics, please this device at least seven feet from all electronic devices that have been plugged into an outlet.

Although our product is considered safe for almost all individuals, it is unkown how the electrostatic fields emitted from the output emitter will affect pacemakers. Therefore, we would like to advise those with pacemakers or other sensitive electronic devices that are crucial for body function, to not purchase the Negative Ion Projector