Sometimes a happy customer takes the time to let me know how much they appreciate my products. These are actual unsolicited comments (including bad grammar and spelling) that I have received from customers over the past several years. We may not have as many testimonials as other companies that sell similar products but that's because our business is relatively new. To be fair, I have posted all the negative comments as well. Comments regarding the negative ion generators are in blue. Comments regarding our noise generators are in light blue (we have not received nearly as many since our noise generator products are relatively new). Comments made by me are highlighted in purple.

Picked up the ion generator today.  It is great!...Yours is definitely superior, although theirs is very good for the money
(he's talking about ionizers made by a competitor). Yours is the Mercedes, and theirs is the Toyota!

I want to commend you on such an interesting take on an ion projector and the use of componentry.

I received the Negative Ion Projector today and I really like your design...I have situationed the negative ionizer about 2 feet away from the bed over the edge just as the instruction manual said. It doesn't quite fill the room, but it does relax my breathing enough for me to sleep at nights.  For the past 2 weeks I have been having asthma attacks nightly, but your machine helps a lot.

Hello, I received my ion projector in the mail today. I read the instructions andit looks good. It looks like a well-made unit...I like that you provide 15 replacement needles!
(our newest ionizer no longer uses needles) Most companies would probably provide none, and then charge you $10 per needle. I also like the long extension cord on the unit. I could put it just where I wanted...I think it really helped my mood...The air inside our building is thoroughly air conditioned and I think it is bad to breathe.

I have bought 1 ion generator from you more than 3 months ago. I would like to buy another 3

Still loving my ion generator. I brought it to work and use it there.

I previously bought two units now a couple of firneds are interested, can I buy two more from you with USPS shipping to Canada? .

I bought this.....am happy with it. I like the breeze it puts out...

I received the generator in perfect condition and it works great.

I like the one you sent me so much I want to purchase another for the basement.

I have just received the negative ion genarator. It works very good. I would like to order you another one.

Got it today. This thing's awesome. I'll need more. Do you keep them in stock pretty regular? Thanks, I forgot how good Neg Ions make a body feel. Yours is supreme.

You have an excellent product.
You've got a great product!
(After placing his second order he gave me yet another great comment)

Hi, just a quick note to let you know that I am happy with the 3 ionizers that I bought from you. I am a big fan of ionizers since the early 80's I still have my ion fountain as well as a zestron. I am really happy to know you are continuing the tradition of manufacturing top quality ionizers. The interchangable needles (our newest ionizer no longer requires needle replacements) is a luxury I never thought would come about. So all the best in your work and resarch.

I recently purchased and received your Model WNG-070 (this particular model has been discontinued) .  It works very well.  As a matter of fact, I'll be ordering a second one from your website.

just to let you know, i received the noise generator yesterday and it works great…i'm glad to have a quality-made generator to do my exploration (ghost hunting/EVP) and give it my best shot.(even the manual is very professionally written!)…thanks for the quick shipment, the jumper cable, the nice packaging, and most of all, for a nicely made, quality product at a great price.

I do like the fact it doesn't loop. That drives me crazy. I have tinnitus and need something like this to help me sleep.

Hi Dave, Hoping all is well at your end. I never had the time to get to e-bay to say how wonderful the NIP-7E is
(this particular model has been discontinued), or how pleasant it was to do business with you. Things just sort of piled up here and it has been one thing after another.....which is normal around here anyhow...Please forgive me, as I had certainly intended to give you a good recommendation…The NIP 7-E has been working away like a charm, doing a fantastic job!

I received the ionizer on Monday and have tried it all week. First let me congratulate you on the beautiful design. I think it is the sleekest model out there, very well built and innovative.

I just got my ion projector this afternoon.   You guys got it right!!!!

The following is an e-mail that was sent by a customer to her friend. She carbon-copied the message to me.
I ordered the very best one on the market, and it's themost reasonably priced too.  I have had negative ion generators in myhome for the last 20 years and am thoroughly familiar with them.None of them has ever lasted beyond two years....... ..most conk out in the first year.  They absolutely and completely have a very positive effect on my own health and I love having the negative ions.  They counteract all the positive ions that are generated by all of our electronic devices, TVs, radios, and such. Mostly I didn't like the attachment to a fan because many times I wanted the negative ions but didn't need a fan on.  And filters to clean just meant the thing sat idle until I got time to clean the filters.  The negative ions attract all the lint and dust and dirt and bind to them, so much dust and dirt collects around the negative ion generator.  Having to clean the filter in order to use the fan/generator was cumbersome.  I just wanted a device that does nothing more than generate negative ions, and that I could just dust and wipe around without having to go through the whole filter cleaning bit. I searched the net for about 4 months, maybe 6 months, and finally
found this website: www.mysticmarvels.com

I received mine yesterday.  omg.  I read the instruction book full through with a yellow highlighter.  Hooking it up so so simple! Using my wrist, as for testing the warmth of a baby bottle, I can feel the tiny breeze of ions emitting out of it.  But by the time I closed things down to go to bed I could still tell no difference in the air quality.  I was disappointed. But!  When I woke up this morning and walked into the room where I left it going all night, wow!, the air is amazing......fresh and wonderful to breathe!  Now, late in the day, even with the place opened up, windows, doors open, the air in here is clean and noticeably better to breathe.

I was diagnosed with a lung condition a year ago.  Since that time I have had to quit my job and move to a lower altitude in an attempt to manage my illness and gain some semblance of a normal life.  I moved to an area close to the ocean because I heard that the sea air was good for lung issues.  However, I never knew why until I researched the benefits of negative ions which is what is found in abundance near cascading water or breaking waves.  Being around the ocean for periods of time during my day trips to the shore, I noticed a dramatic change in my ability to breathe during that time and I realized that it was a direct result of the increase of negative ions in the air.  When I started researching ionizers I noticed that the majority of them are multi function and most of them required water and filtration systems.  Because of my condition, I have to be very careful to avoid any kind of mold or bacteria and decided that multifunctional units were not for me.  That's when I found and ordered the Negative Ion Projector from Mystic Marvels.  I noticed a difference in the air quality in my home the 2nd day after I plugged it in.  I can breathe better, my mood is lighter and I have more energy.  There is no ozone smell, no mess, no noise and it's made in the USA (big bonus in my book).  It's small and lightweight and unobtrusive.  I'm so pleased with this unit (and your customer service) that I bought one for my daughter and a 2nd one for my home. Thank you - it's awesome and I'm so grateful! Just so everyone knows -  I very rarely write reviews for anything that I purcase but, I felt compelled to let people know about this.

Negative Comments

These comments were posted by customers who have returned their item for a refund. Well, you can't please everyone. The overall return rate on all of our products is about one percent.

I suffer from depression and this did not seem to make any difference.

Depression is a complex phenomena, which can be caused by any one of a number of factors. Most cases of depression, I believe, are caused by nutritional deficiencies. I am not a doctor but I have done my research. Please read my
article on depression.

Thank you, but this did not help me.

I think that the unit will not meet the application for ourcallcenter...my agents complained that is sounded like static.  If you could refund my card that would be best...thanks again Dave.

That is the nature of white/pink noise. But to compare it to radio static may not be a fair comparison. Pink/white noise sounds much smoother than radio static (to listen to a sample of pink or white noise, click here). We have sold over 100 noise generators. Out of those, we have had only two returns.

Sorry, I was looking for something that would make dust settle.

Depending on how much dust is in the air, it can take weeks to notice any dust built-up.

It made it really dusty around the area where I kept the ionizer. You should warn people about this. I'm sorry but I would like to return it for a refund.

That is the nature of negative ionization. They can cause your furniture and walls to accumulate dust. Some people think that is a good thing - others would rather not be bothered with it.

I'm not sure it cleaned the air and it made it so I got zapped every time I touched my lamp!

If you are in very close proximity to a negative ion generator, it can sometimes cause your body to build up an electrostatic charge (similar to shuffling you shoes across the carpet), which can cause an unpleasant, but harmless, spark.

I don't think it made any difference in my mood and I didn't care for the electrical smell it made.
All negative ion generators (not matter what they claim) that utilize needle-point technology, produce very small trace amounts of oxides of nitrogen (from the small bead of plasma at the tip of the e-mitter needle). It has a characteristic metallic smell which can become noticeable if the ionizer is operated in a very small enclosed area. Oxides of nitrogen are produced from electrical plasma, whether it was generated by man, e.g. tesla coil or high voltage generator, or by nature, e.g. lightning or St. Elmo's fire.

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